Friday, April 5, 2013

entertain: Friday fun times

Yep. It's Friday. And Friday's are made for fun times, like living room dance parties, cocktails, laughs with friends, something fancy to eat, and to wear! Mike is going to get in on the blogging action and he will be posting cool musical finds. He has the best taste in music and is always exploring new artists. I think y'all will dig it. And while you are listening to your new favorite tune, why not mix up a Paloma. I had one at the Carousel Bar on New Orleans and it was tasty.


and now Mike P is on the mic...

This is a track called "I feel good" by Jay Electronica. You can check it out here.

He is a man of few words...
OK now go shine on you crazy diamonds!

xo Lea Hart & Mike

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  1. i love laughs with friends. they're the best.