Tuesday, April 9, 2013

design: thrift store finds + a fenced in back yard

This week has been kinda crazy already... We have having some structural work done on the house. So this weeks posts are gonna be short and sweet.
Yesterday, my mother in law and I were on a mission to find cool funky finds for her basement guest room redo. Of course, even though I wasn't looking for anything for myself, I wound up bringing this little guy (the table- not the cat) home with me!

Hello brass and glass goodness! It's the perfect compliment to my Kodawood chair, and brings in some more warm metalaccents.  I think it works well with my brass lamp, a little tray that I got at a cute thrift store in Arlington, and the candlesticks I have up on the mantle. Don't you?

We found this chair and ottoman for my MIL's project. We are going to rework the cushion, and even though I like the orange, it is going to get recovered in something funner. 

So retro, this project should be fun! 

One more exciting thing happened at the Casa Pino yesterday, we got our backyard fence finished! Now Zozo is the happiest pup in all of Northern VA! 

We still have a TON of work to do in the yard, but we are well on our way and it's already 100% doggy approved. 

xo, Lea Hart

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