Thursday, April 18, 2013

design: chic nurseries + stylish kids rooms

I'm busy toddler proofing the whole house because we are having a couple of special visitors to the Casa Pino next week. I can't wait! Aunt EE (that would be me) loves spending time with her nieces and nephews! As a designer, I think kids rooms should reflect your style and they can be as sophisticated as the rest of your home. They need to be cozy fun safe spaces for babys and children to learn and grow, but they DO NOT have to be Pepto Bismol Pink or Baby Boy Blue!
What they could have could have is a super chic antelope carpet,  or colorful wallpaper on the ceiling (babies do spend a good amount of time on looking up that first year), some funky engaging art, a bird cage light fixture that could double as a mobile, or black and white photography (babies might love high contrast as much as I do).  So while I'm making our house less of a danger zone for our little visitors, check out some of these gorgeous spaces designed especially for little ones.

When the time comes for us to turn the guest room into a room for our little one, I think this light and a few of these prints will be tops on my "to buy" list...

... along with diapers, bottles and all that other good stuff! But we don't have plans for that quite yet, Mom!

Shhhhh.... we do have something big cooking in the oven! Exciting news coming next week!!

xo Lea Hart

sources and more ideas for Baby here

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