Monday, April 22, 2013

entertain: Our Wedding: the schedule of events, or what do do in the middle of nowhere!

Hey y'all last Monday I started to tell y'all all about our wedding. This week its all about our itinerary. Since we knew we would be entertaining a large group of guests for the whole weekend, we wanted come up with a working schedule of events. Most people were arriving on Friday, but a good number of folks came earlier, so we kicked off the wedding weekend extravaganza on Thursday with a casual cookout at the Ranch. This link is from part of our wedding Documentary by Halidou Epics.  The fact that we have a wedding documentary about the whole weekend is the. best. thing... EVER! It's so fun, one of our best friends made it for us. I'm going to share all about that too!  But here is a clip from it. This is a what its like driving up to the ranch. So remote and beyond beautiful.

Pino Wedding 02 - The Drive from Moustapha Halidou on Vimeo.

Super fun and totally not stressful, lots of cold beer, grilled chicken, veggies, and tons of Cousin Willie's crazy hot salsa and chips. We ate gallons of it all weekend long!

Good times and it was one of the few times I got to relax and just hang out! This is what it's usually like at the ranch during the reunions.

You might have noticed the stacks of chairs, tables, and dishes in the background. We rented everything including two huge tents from a rental company about an hour away. When we scheduled the delivery, we just thought we needed to be there to let them in and supervise.... Ummm yeah, we were so wrong!!! Thank goodness so many folks were around. This clip is from the Documentary and it's only of the funniest things I've ever seen. How many engineers does it take to set one of these crazy tents up??? And I loved hearing my NYC friend asking the Motel if they had a fitness center!! haha.... enjoy!

Pino Wedding 03 - Thursday Prep from Moustapha Halidou on Vimeo.

Hilarious!!! And how awesome are all our friends!?! They rock.

So on Friday we encouraged all of our guests to explore around the area during the day. Then off to the No Scum Allowed Saloon for our Rehearsal Dinner!
A bunch of folks went to White Sands, which is soo cool! Its mountains of white sand in the middle of the desert. My family went there on a family vacation years ago.  Looks like Uncle David and Cousin Sara had a blast!

Some of our Trekkie type friends headed over to Roswell, to look for aliens. It's pretty cheesy, but if you are into UFOs and extraterrestrials... it can be fun. 

We created a blog for our wedding guest and listed fun stuff all over New Mexico. There is sooo much to see in New Mexico. We also let everyone know where the best green chili cheeseburgers, are. One of our friends ate one everyday he was here! They are so freaking good.
Another cool spot is Bonito Lake, near Ruidoso, Mike and I went there the year before. The high desert of New Mexico has a very diverse landscape. It looks so green and lush! This year it was off limits because of wild fires. Lots more about the Wildfires later, too! 

Lots of folks just hung around Zozo, there are some fun art galleries, antiques shops, a cute coffee shop, and Roy's Soda Counter, it's famous for ice cream floats! 

Next up Friday night Welcome Party, and the Wedding Day...

xo Lea Hart

ps- How great are the videos? Mous did an amazing  amazing job. We really love having that to look back on. It really shows y'all what it was like out there! I'll post videos about the No Scum and from the Big Day. 

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