Monday, January 23, 2012

12 by 2012

close, but no cigar...I've always wanted to work that phrase in.
So, lets see how far I've gotten on my list of goals...

1) organize my Etsy shop -  epic fail. nothing. I really need to get it organized, but in my defense, I'm changing my name and rephotographing my work... so its a veeery slow work in progress.

2) host housewarming party! - we did, and it was super fun, y'all. 

3) meet my adorable new niece - FRIDAY! I cannot wait! I mean just look at how adorable cute this one is! Her Mama took this one- she is telling her blankie a secret... 

4) be a regular blogger, at LEAST once a week - well, I got really busy over the holidays? Yeah, I'm back on the wagon again.

5) go all out decorating for the holidays this year, because I haven't had a front door or a porch to decorate in years!   The house looked pretty... but next year will be bigger and better

6) sponsor a child through Bright Point for Children if you want to read about my sister's trip to Cambodia this summer it might inspire you to sponsor a child in need too - M and I sponsored a little girl from Mexico, she is such a cutie! And we are still wanting to host a "NIGHT IN" to raise money to help support an organization that is helping to feed these kids!  

7) start the LOVE IS A BIG DEAL project   God planted the seed for this amazing idea and I can't wait to spread the LOVE y'all.  ok I think I'm a little scared to start this and I need a little push here... yeah... still needing that push. I listened online to This One Thing from Buckhead Church, my old church in Atlanta, a few weeks ago and it really resonated with me. So, perhaps this is my great work. I need to remind myself that this is what God wants me to focus on. And... LOVE is a big deal

9) find a new church - we have been attending Grace Community Church and we both really like it! Let me know if you want to come with us sometime!

10) learn how to make my Mom's date nut bread for Christmas - I did it! And its pretty easy and so delicious. I will post the recipe for y'all too.

11) explore our Nation's Capital, my new hometown! - I've been to a few MORE fun places, but there is lots more to see! 

12) plan honeymoon + update M and my passports - We are thinking two mini honeymoons. The beach for a few days like next month and then Paris in the Fall! AHHHHH PARIS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)

xo Lea