Friday, October 21, 2011

designed: 12 by 2012

I somehow found Danni's blog oh, hello friend a few years ago, and have read it almost daily. She is a talented designer with a beautiful outlook on life. Its a really great place to stop by for a daily dose of pretty.  Check out her beautiful wedding posts, she just got married too! I promise it will make you smile. Anyway, Danni came up with this great idea to cross 12 things off the always growing TO DO list before 2012. Um, awesome! Just the push a master procrastinator like me needs. So I've decided to write everything down and actually get stuff done.  (and yes... that means y'all get to hold me accountable) Yikes!


and so here is my list of 12 (progress in italics)

1) organize my Etsy shop -  nothing yet...gaaaaaa! I'm on it for reals now y'all

2) host housewarming party! - this is the only way I will get all those boxes from the move dealt with and I love a party    downstairs DONE, office 80% (just need some organizing stuff to finish off), living room DONE, and we picked a date, and decided it will be a Birthday/Christmas/Housewarming partaaaaay!

3) meet my adorable new niece - tickets booked! I can't wait to kiss her little cheeks just like her Mama is doing right here  soo excited we have got lots of fun stuff planned for the weekend! 

4) be a regular blogger, at LEAST once a week - check and check! I've got quite a few posts cooking

5) go all out decorating for the holidays this year, because I haven't had a front door or a porch to decorate in years!   I've gotten a few ideas like this one thanks to Pintrest  - pinecones, pears, leaves are sprayed and glittered! got some great ribbon at Chartreuse & Co and some other cool stuff at Old Lucketts Store and Goodwill. Posts with all the details are on their way!

Source: None via Lea on Pinterest

6) sponsor a child through Bright Point for Children if you want to read about my sister's trip to Cambodia this summer it might inspire you to sponsor a child in need too - M and I are both on board and I'm thinking of hosting a "NIGHT IN" to raise money to help support and organization that is helping to feed these kids! 

7) start the LOVE IS A BIG DEAL project   God planted the seed for this amazing idea and I can't wait to spread the LOVE y'all.  ok I think I'm a little scared to start this and I need a little push here...

8) go to the gym   seriously, I'm already paying for the membership...  :/  I swear I'm 

9) find a new church, we just moved and I need a spiritual home in my new city   did online research and found a few to try out first one - Grace Community Church  We have been to Grace 3 times now- I really, really like it and so does M! Yesterday we had the author of The Shack come and speak. It. was. awesome. I'm reading the book now 

10) learn how to make my Mom's date nut bread for Christmas - gotta call Mom for the recipe, maybe we will practice when I come down for Christmagiving.

11) explore our Nation's Capital, my new hometown! I've been to a few fun places, but there is lots more to see!

12) plan honeymoon + update M and my passports   we are ready to go!  Nothing yet.... grrr.

OK! so all the hard stuff is to be done by me... but I sure could use some words of encouragement. Please send some my way and hold me accountable! I need it!
xoxo Lea

ps- have you seen all our wedding photos?!?! I just love them! Thanks so very very much Carrie! We love you

designed: glitter pumpkins

Well, I saw the little cuties over on pintrest and I knew I had to make those for my first Fall with a porch in years! via Lea on Pinterest

And we live in the cutest neighborhood in North Arlington, its about 5 minutes from Georgetown. So we are super close to the city, with all of the fun stuff DC has to offer, but we get to live in an old historic house in a cute little neighborhood. I took a little stroll around and snapped some pictures of some of my favorites.

Its a pretty big change from Brooklyn. I'm still a little home sick for the Big Apple. NYC is awesome, and I will always love it. But for me, and for now, I'm happy to have a little patch of green grass and a porch to put some glittery pumpkins on. 
I'm excited to explore my new town! I've got some road trip pictures to share with y'all. And I'm going to be posting about some of the cool places I've recently discovered in Our Nation's Capital (which is jokingly/lovingly how I like to refer to DC!)

xoxo Lea