Friday, October 21, 2011

designed: glitter pumpkins

Well, I saw the little cuties over on pintrest and I knew I had to make those for my first Fall with a porch in years! via Lea on Pinterest

And we live in the cutest neighborhood in North Arlington, its about 5 minutes from Georgetown. So we are super close to the city, with all of the fun stuff DC has to offer, but we get to live in an old historic house in a cute little neighborhood. I took a little stroll around and snapped some pictures of some of my favorites.

Its a pretty big change from Brooklyn. I'm still a little home sick for the Big Apple. NYC is awesome, and I will always love it. But for me, and for now, I'm happy to have a little patch of green grass and a porch to put some glittery pumpkins on. 
I'm excited to explore my new town! I've got some road trip pictures to share with y'all. And I'm going to be posting about some of the cool places I've recently discovered in Our Nation's Capital (which is jokingly/lovingly how I like to refer to DC!)

xoxo Lea

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