Friday, August 19, 2011

designed: a new life in a new city

Goodbye NYC, Hello DC!

We are moving! We are leaving New York City and heading a little further south to the Washington DC area (Arlington, VA to be precise). Hello green grass and more space! M grew up in the DC area and I've been visiting with him ever since we started dating. I instantly liked the area and thought it would be nice to move there, someday...

Well, after 4 years of dating (and almost 2 months of marriage!) and 5 years of living in the Big Apple, it looks like "someday" has come. M will be transferring to a DC Trader Joe's with a promotion into management, while continuing to create digital art and media. We will send out new address information soon! And everyone is invited to come spend some time with the Pinos! We'll fire up the grill for y'all...
xoxo Lea

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