Tuesday, April 16, 2013

design: black + white interiors

I love color.  I really do.  I like bright neons, barely there pastels, rich emeralds and teals, orangey- reds, but you wouldn't know it from my Pinterest board...?!?
Whenever I'm working with clients, I ask them to gather images of spaces they like. Its a great tool to see what they gravitate towards, especially when words like of modern, rustic, clean lines, casual are so subjective. Usually, right away I can identify themes or common threads in these look pictures, sometimes ones the clients weren't even aware of. So let's take a look at a few (and by a few I mean a ton) of my personal look pictures!

I think you'll see that overwhelmingly I love high contrast black and white interiors. I suspect it's why I keep messing with my Living and Dining rooms. They are nice, well laid out, with personality pieces... but too much color. I think. Sorry these pictures aren't the best...

It's a good lesson to learn, even if it's exactly what I already tell clients, follow you instincts and listen to your innate sense of style, pay attention to the little whispers. Yep. These are good words to live by, not just for interior decor.

- all links to original sources can be found here + a whole bunch more black+white interiors-

xo Lea Hart
ps- it would also appear that I love greenery, modern art, and antlers....eh?

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