Thursday, March 14, 2013

organized: spring cleaning

We are headed to Norlins, or New Orleans if your not from around those parts, this weekend and I'm so excited for warmer weather, good food, boozey concoctions, jazz and family fun as we celebrate my cousin's wedding! As a treat, I have a couple of guest bloggers lined up while I'm away. Tomorrow, we will have gardening tips from Laura and on Monday, Margaret is going to talk about how she finds great furniture on Craigslist!

Since I'm busy packing and organizing, I think a little Spring cleaning inspiration is just what I need...
I want this closet


and this pantry

I want the inside of my kitchen cabinet to look like this

My linen closet needs to look like this

Here is a great cleaning checklist to get your house in tip top shape and here are 101 cleaning tips!  Of course Martha has everything organized, if you want to clean like the domestic goddess, here ya go

xo Lea Hart

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