Wednesday, March 13, 2013

designed: the Living Room

We've been in our house for almost a year, and while we've done a ton of work all over the house, we aren't anywhere close to done. The main rooms, Living and Dining rooms and Kitchen, have seen the most changes. The bedrooms are, at this point, purely functional and totally ugly. I'm working on plans for those guys... But lets start with the Living Room for now.

Here is how it looked the day we moved in, freshly refinished floors and not much else. The furniture is random stuff from our apartment in Brooklyn. The cross is by Young Bear a folk artist in New Mexico, they sell his pieces at Gallery 408.  This one was made especially for our wedding, so we LOVE it.
Side note, as I'm writing this, I realized I've never blogged about the wedding! What?!? I will get on that for sure... ok now back to the LR.
This room isn't really that big and there are a lot of obstacles as far as furniture placement goes. The door in the picture is the front door, so everyone walks right into the side of the couch. Unfortunately, the wall that the couch is on is the only wall that can fit anything that size. The opposite wall has a huge fireplace and the other wall has an 8' opening into the Dining room. So as you can see there aren't many options for rearranging. Here is what the room looks like now

So a lot has changed! We added and changed all the art.  We have a whole bunch of new furniture and a rug. I still need window treatments, but I keep getting hung up with the door. I feel like whatever I do with the window, it needs to match the door, or at least relate. I'm leaning towards roman shades for both or either a roman shade for the window and painting the door black... thoughts? 

Because it is a little awkward walking into the sofa, I tried to create an "entry" with a small bookcase. I also hung an oversized piece of art, by NYC artist Jennifer Adger, to give this area some presence. I think it works OK... for now. And here is the fireplace wall now

We painted the brick white, and looks like it needs a fresh coat... the fireplace is a little smokey.  I'll post about the painting process, later. I have some blue Mason jars with magnolia leaves and some green and robin's egg blue mercury glass votives and an assortment of candle sticks; silver, brass, and crystal. I'm not usually a fan of the TV over the fireplace, but there is no other option. I would really like to have some built-ins on either side under the windows. Natural wood shelves like these would be so cool
Source: viaLea on Pinterest

or something a bit more traditional like this would be nice too.

Well, thats the Living room so far. There is still so much to do... but its come quite a long way!

xo Lea Hart

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