Tuesday, March 12, 2013

entertained: Spring is in the air!

Yes! It's warm outside and flowers are popping up everywhere... Even though it's not technically Spring. I'm soaking up the sunshine today! Let's pretend we are hosting a little dinner al fresco, shall we!?!
We should start with a jazzy little tune...

What a lovely setting this would be for our dinner...

I would add a few fairy lights, because I think, you can just never have enough glowy lights!

What a simple way to dress up an outdoor table

I just love Kraft paper.

I'll serve my guests something like this Lillet and Gin concoction

Oh la la- I want one now!

And how about a light fresh pasta? With artichoke chicken...

After we're done eating, I gather everyone around an outdoor fire pit. Something like this in the backyard would be oh so nice

We would joke around and tell tall tales until its late, or until all the whiskey was gone.
Oh I can hardly wait...

xo Lea Hart

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