Thursday, March 21, 2013

designed: neon art

I've always had a thing for neon. I love how electric the colors are. I especially love to have a shot of acid-y color in more traditional interiors. And I want a piece of actual neon art soooo bad...



Ok seriously, I cannot tell you how much I love this room.  I already have a couple of really fun pieces of art with neon colors.


The Mr. Brainwash is in the Dining room, the other piece (yet to be stretched) is over the couch. Jen and I just got finished painting these maps the last time she visited and I think they look great, but I know I wanted to do something to finish them off. So I saw this neon duct tape and the idea hit me. I wrapped the canvases in the neon tape just to give it a shocking little pop of color. I think it looks awesome, finishes off the piece, and ties all the other big pieces of art in the room together.

What do y'all think? The maps are of our old neighborhood in Bushwick, Brooklyn and where we got married,  Carrizozo, New Mexico.

I think it looks great. One day I love to have one of these from Penny Farthing Design House.

This little heart would be perfect for me! Ahem... Mike?

xo Lea Hart

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