Saturday, November 26, 2011

designed: a little entry decor

Here are a few little things I put out in the entry just before Thanksgiving. "Recycled" glitter pumpkins along with some thrift store finds, wedding presents, M's art and Trader Joe's tulips.

The ball jar was brought back from our wedding in Carrizozo, NM and the hurricane was a wedding gift from our Crate & Barrel registry. Love it! The small brass lilly pad tray was from a cute little thrift store in Arlington. The art is one of my favorites of M's work, and it also had the Autum-ish colors I was looking for. I grabbed cream and orange books to add height and color.

Here are some more pictures... yeah, you can probably tell... I'm not a professional photographer...
Next time Carrie Anderson comes to visit, I will get her to shoot as many projects and I can ;)

tiny glitter pinecones!
and now, a few attempts at some ambient photography...

oh yeah! I grabbed a few of the leaves from the front yard and sprayed and glittered them. And as I alway say, "One can NEVER have enough glitter!" Below is an angle from the kitchen, like that P?!? I do.

and... I might have made that dang bread... again...
This is Chip. He was my helper.

Hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving. Being thankful is a great way to realize how truly blessed most of us Americans are. Hopefully y'all will inspired to spread the LOVE around this Holiday season.
xoxo Lea Hart

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