Sunday, November 27, 2011

designed: glittery fabulous FREE decor

so, um, I'm sure this is gonna be a shocker...
I... like... no, ummm... I LOVE glitter. a lot. really like sooooo much.

M is luke warm about sparkles, especially when they wind up on his clothes, but he likes to see me smile so he lets me put sparkly glittery stuff everywhere. Thanks Babe. I mentioned that I jazzed up some foliage and I thought I'd show you the pictures I snapped while making them!
We have this gorgeous tree in the front yard that has leaves that turn the color of sunshine in the late fall.  And then they fall off and totally cover the yard.

so I picked up some of the good looking leaves and took them around back to get my glitter on. I also had some pinecones and plastic pears to make fabulous, too.

a few helpful tips-
gloves are awesome, so worth it not to have to scrub spray paint from underneath your fingernails
glitter in a wide mouthed container is best, so it is easy to recycle the glitter
paper plates are the perfect tool for catching glitter and funneling back into the glitter container

I had some gold and silver spray paint as well as spray adhesive to play with. I picked some branches from a bush to experiment with too.   Some things I just glittered and some I sprayed gold or silver first and then glittered. I like to mix it up like that.

And now with out further ado... 
FREE sparkly decor that will make our home oh so very festive this Christmas!

I love them all! So easy and pretty. I will show y'all how I use them all over the house to make everything lovely for Christmas.

xoxo Lea Hart


  1. that's really awesome! reuse the nature :)

  2. yeah! pretty and FREE! two of my favorite things