Friday, November 11, 2011

designed: Lucketts

guess where I went the other day! The old Lucketts Store just outside of Leesburg.

It. Was. Awesome. Like, kind of how I would imagine...heaven. Yep,  definitely heaven. It is just outside of Leesburg, VA (about 40 minutes from Arlington) and the drive out there during the fall is absolutely beautiful. I snapped a picture just after we turned onto Lucketts Rd. 

So this store is stuffed to the gills with totally awesome stuff! 

I love the topiaries. And the formal yet somehow very comfy looking couch :)

Tons of painted frames and mirrors. And, this ceramic canister set for $18. They have lots of old vintage-y metal outdoor furniture out in the yard. I also really liked this rusty pendant light. Possibly for the new house? 

       There are these cute little sheds out in the yard, too. Also full of awesome stuff!

This sofa frame was a whole set, seven pieces for $98!!! What?!? Also on the property is a store called the Beekeeper's Cottage with all things sparkly and girlie. I got the cutest pair of earrings. I LOVE anything that sparkles... I'm a ferret. I can't help it. And rooms with piles of linen-y, ruffle-y, snuggly pillows and throws. I was happier than a pig in... well, you know what. 

So, I had the best time there. I got some great stuff to decorate with. I'm going to take a few pictures of my   finds and the decorating I've already started at the house with them. And I got this diamond in the rough...

I know, it looks quite "rustic" but I loved the shape of this patio set. It looks sort of Gio Ponti-esque. I just hadn't ever really seen outdoor furniture with those sort of lines. I told M, I haaaaaad to get them and if I talked them down, could I please, pretty please. He said sure, and I talked them down to $65 for the whole thing! 2 of the chairs need to have the spacers refastened and I need some glass cut for the top. But after a little elbow grease, a new coat of paint, and some Mexican Oilcloth on the seat and I think it will be the piece de resistance in the new backyard! More updates as I work on them! I'm super excited, can't wait to show y'all. After shopping at Lucketts, M and I took a stroll around historic Leeaburg. My photography skills do not do this foliage or this adorable town justice. You should go check it out, and see it with your own eyes. 

This house was my favorite. I loved the exposed brick and the trim colors. And the classic architecture.

I love living in Virginia! There is so much fun stuff to see and do!
xoxo Lea