Sunday, November 27, 2011

designed: Holiday Pinspiration

Pinspiration- I'm pretty sure thats a word... I seem to be daily Pintrest-inspired, especially now that its officially Christmas time.  Shhhh, don't tell my sisters, I've been "cheating" and listening to my Pandora Christmas stations for a while now! And so my holiday pins have really started add up. I'd love for y'all to look at all the pretties on my boards, but I think this right now I going to show you the ones I think I'm going to actually do this year. Like this one, I just want to put these little guys everywhere.

Source: via Lea on Pinterest

I love the way this little present is packaged, simple and natural, with a bit of shine. I usually wrap all my presents in kraft paper but I like the contrast either way.

Source: via Lea on Pinterest

These are totally going to be on the porch, en masse. I'm thinking 3 or 5... :)

I love this table setting, and I've got tons of pinecones!

I've already started on this for the stairs in the front hall. I'm not using a bunch of colors, just a glittery silver and a steely colored satin ribbon. Its gonna be so cool. I'll show y'all when I'm finished.

And lastly, since this is a reality based Christmas decor post and my unlimited time/budget dream... I think I will try to make these too.

If I manage to do all these I will be a happy camper and our home will be warm and sparkly for the Holidays. Cheers!
xoxo Lea Hart

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