Tuesday, November 17, 2009

shopped: an afternoon in Brooklyn

I decided to do a little window/Christmas shopping the other day. I live in Brooklyn and I love the stores we have in North BK. Williamsburg is a great place to shop for unique gifts. The first place I went to is A&G Merch

here are some of the things that caught my eye...

temporary wall paper! Awesome for renters, like moi, and it doesn't require any glue, so super easy to install. I'm 99.9% sure that the gray and cream graphic print one in the middle is going here

Yup, that's right in MY entryway. It will be the perfect accent in there.

I also spotted a pretty neat pillow with a Brooklyn Bridge graphic, and even if this isn't a new idea, I think on a black, gray or white couch, it would look tres chic. It would be awesome as a neutral accent on a brightly colored piece too. And plus its cool to represent, yo.

oh, and I loved this idea, a traditional table painted glossy black with graffiti accents on it. I really love the contrast of traditional and modern or urban design. If my living room was wide enough for a coffee table, I would strongly consider this one.

one last pic from A&G Merch, this is some 3D wall art and an awesome clock that M and I both really liked, perfect for an office or fun in a kitchen, I think.

After A&G, we walked over to Whisk

which it is a cute gourmet kitchen store with some really great stuff, I dabble a bit in the kitchen and I love cookbooks, so Whisk is right up my alley.

such a great store, lots of cool gadgets. And as a random little aside, they have mini muffin paper baking cups! Do you know how hard those are to find??!? I was looking for them twice just recently... If only I had known.
But the best find of the entire day were these!

alphabet cookie cutters! Just think of all the fun things to do with that! I'm thinking 4-letter word cookies for all my bitches (that's how me and my BFFs refer to each other) and my Mom is a cookie baking extraordinaire and I think her initials and these cute little measuring spoons

will be a darling gift for her birthday!
Well, time to get back to work making tons o Christmas cards...
xo Lea

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