Friday, November 6, 2009

designed: a new name

hey! so y'all probably noticed that I changed my name. My company is now called PAPER+SPACE! It's a better representation of what I'm really all about.

PAPER is all about the stationary, fun cards and beautiful invitations.
SPACE is for design, interiors and organization AND party planning!

I really worked hard on coming up with an idea that was fun and totally me. What do you think?

Today besides all the awesome name change business, I'm photographing the cards to enter a crafts fair right here in BUSHWICK at the 3rd Ward! It was so cool last year, I really hope we get picked.

And who is the other person making up the WE, you might be wondering? Why its Shanna from Daughter Sharp Cookies and she is sharing a table with me! So delicious cookies and cards!

Oh yeah, watch out! TWO crafty ladies, formerly from the South, are gonna make Christmas rockin' this year!

And just for a bit of fun... I snapped a pic of my helpers

they are working so hard...

ok Loves, back to making my dreams happen!
xo Lea

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