Thursday, November 5, 2009

entertained: a winter wedding

I have the pleasure of working on a lovely winter wedding that is just a month away. It is going to be a fabulous wedding and there will be pictures and posts galore, but I thought I would share a few of the special touches that are making this wedding such a personal and elegant affair.

The ceremony will be held outdoors (this is only possible way down South where generally December is still quite temperate) in front of a giant freestanding stone fireplace. An article about the this awesome fireplace is in last months issue of Southern Living.

The fireplace will be surrounded by a forest of lighted Christmas trees cut from the bride's family lodge in North Georgia, so they will be married surrounded in a lighted forest of trees!

After the ceremony, that space will be turned into a fireside wiskey lounge, so awesome right??? They are going to have cigars and good scotch and burbons and spiced wine warming over the fire. Doesn't that just sound super warm and cozy? I really love this idea! I will be sure to get lots of great pictures of the fireside festivities.

Do y'all have any good wedding tips to share? Like how to turn a potential negative (outside wedding in December) in to a positive (perfect time for roaring fires and a winter wonderland)?


  1. provide enough good wine and everyone will be you should never underestimate a stylish muff.

  2. and i love the name change. its perfect.