Thursday, January 31, 2013

designed: plaster walls

After we finished the floors, we moved on to the walls. This is my first time living in a house with plaster walls, and they crack... a lot... 
I tried hanging a piece of art on the wall right when we moved in and the hole just kept getting bigger and bigger... and then I quit. Turns out I was using the wrong kind of nail. Plaster nails are sharper and another trick I learned is to put a thumbprint of oil ( I used olive oil because its what I had on hand ) on the wall and then a piece of tape over the oil where you want to put the nail. That works pretty well, fyi

Anyway, we hired a handy man to patch all the cracks; the cracks I made and the ones that were already there. Here is our Mr. Fix It working away... it twas a DUSTY DUSTY mess of job. 

 Here are some of the paint colors I'm considering for the inside and outside of the house. For the living and dining rooms I went with Benjamin Moore Revere Pewter on the walls, Benjamin Moore White Dove on the ceiling and Decorators White on the trim. I want to use an inky navy for the front door, and grey for the lower part of the house outside. The greens are possible kitchen colors and the blue is for the bathroom... I think, unless I change my mind again...

That's all for today chickadees. xoxo Lea Hart

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