Saturday, February 9, 2013

loved: my Saturday morning routine

So now that my wild and crazy all night partying days are behind me... I find that I quite enjoy my early Saturday mornings. I usually let M sleep in, so its just me and the kittens. And now the puppy, too. The little black cat is Dizzy and the striped and white girlie is Blossom. They are named after a few favorite jazz greats.
I've been in love with Blossom Dearie since I discovered her in a London CD store many moons ago.

And the newest edition to the Pino clan is Zozo, he is a 1 year-old Springer Spaniel mix. We named him after Carrizozo New Mexico, the town where M's family is from and where we got married 2 summers ago. Awwwwww, he is so cute! We adopted him on New Year's Eve from the Washington DC Humane Society. He is a funny smart sweet little pup. Actually all our little critters are adopted from there. I strongly recommend/beg/plead for anyone considering a pet, to PLEASE adopt!!! There are so many sweet little buddies that need loving homes. And I think, they know you rescued them and they are always so loving and grateful. 

Ok, now back to my Saturday routine...
First, I'll play a little music and make my chocolate-y cream-y all natural latte. It is sooo good and so simple and not bad for you. It sounds weird to put maple syrup in coffee, but trust me - it doesn't taste maple-y at all. Seriously, try it... you'll never go back to Starbucks. Promise.

And then I read design magazines, design blogs and online magazines to my heart's content! Here are a few of my favorite online magazines:

Perfect for a lazy Saturday morning. 
xoxo Lea Hart

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