Thursday, January 24, 2013

designed: hardwood floors

Before we moved in, we decided the carpet had to go. The day the previous tenants moved out, we started pulling up the wall to wall and prayed that the floor would be in decent condition. Here is what the place looked like just after we thew all the old carpet into the porch.
 It was pretty easy to do. The time consuming part was pulling up like a million little staples... but its pretty mindless and with some good tunes and cold beers, its not too bad.

 I swept up and they cleaned up pretty nicely. They were actually in excellent condition! There were 2 small spots that had very minimal water damage, and the boards were simply replaced. Now these puppies are ready to get stripped and stained.
 So, one of the perks of being an Interior Designer, is that we work with the best trades people. Premier Floors is one such gem, and they sent over a crew of guys, the sanded down the whole first floor and called me to come over when it was time to pick a color. I wanted to go dark, but not too dark. I didn't want the floors to look dated in a few years. I also wanted some drama. So I went with the stain on the top right. Rich Walnut. This is our test patch in the Dining Room.

And now... Taaa Daaaa! Don't they look beyond gorgeous?!?!? I love love love them. I think they make the room look so much bigger and richer...and walnutier...
BEHOLD the Living Room

and the Dining Room... pretty much a blank slate...


after... soo muuuuuch better, right? 

Moral of this little story? Fear not the dark stains, because they look freaking awesome. 
xoxo y'all


  1. Wow- This gives me hope! My man and I have been looking at homes to buy and everything in our price range is pretty old or the flooring needs updating! This made such a big difference! New fan and follower here!

    I hope you can stop by GlamourMash sometime! Have a F-A-B weekend!

Holly Foxen Wells


    1. Hey Holly! Thats great! thanks for stopping by... just spent a good hour on Glamour Mash. Love it!