Tuesday, April 17, 2012

the New House Saga

And so it begins...
We moved into our new house last week! I've been obsessing about it since we moved from NYC. Its a great house in an amazing location. Arlington is where its at, just check this out 
It's a bit different from Bushwick, eh? Moving from a small apartment in NYC to a 2 story house is going to be a crazy, fun, time consuming, awesome adventure.

Before we even moved in we took up the wall to wall carpeting. This is what the house looked like pre-move in. Sorry for the blurry photo, I'm standing with my back to the front door looking into the Dining Room and beyond into the Kitchen.
This is from our Dining Room and the archway leads to the Bathroom and 2 almost identical Bedrooms on either side. And randomly, there was a Tide bottle left behind...the small door next to the Tide leads down to an unfinished basement where the laundry is.

 Bedroom #1 - currently the storage room
 Another view from Bedroom #1, notice the tiiiiiny closet...
Bedroom #2 - kinda hard to tell the difference... We are actually using this room as our Master Bedroom. It's not the biggest bedroom but we don't have a TV in this room or any other distractions, so its going to be our cozy moody (with the new paint colors) little cocoon. The main reason why we didn't pick the largest bedroom with the en suite bathroom, is because we wanted to make that whole are our home offices.

This is the upstairs Office. Its actually a converted attic space with 3 different sections under the eaves. The left side is M's domain. We are going to build in an 8 foot long desk with moveable storage solutions underneath. I thought this was the best use of a narrow, probably otherwise unused, area. The stairs lead down to the Kitchen.
This is the middle section of the Office, we are going to put a sofa and chair up here. The small doors lead to a large, short closet.
This picture is pretty bad too, but this area is my office. I'll have my giant antique drafting table and I've already started to "merchandise" my shelves into my very own paper store! Eeek!
I'll save the bathrooms and Kitchen for tomorrow. If you want to see my ideas for the house check out my Pintrest NEW HOUSE IDEAS board.

xo Lea

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