Wednesday, June 2, 2010

designed: my wedding plans!

Hey Y'all,
I got some exciting news... I'm getting hitched, and I couldn't be happier! We had an engagement photo shoot this past weekend in Brooklyn, Manhattan, and accidentally, Staten Island. We worked with a great emerging photographer, Carrie Anderson (she is my super talented sister!) This is just a sneak peek, but if you want to see more of our engagement shoot, her other work, OR if you want to book her for a session or wedding with her you can check out her website and blog. We had sooo much fun!

I have already started planning all the fun wedding details. We are getting married on my fiance's family's ranch in Carrizozo, New Mexico

We love the natural setting and it is a really special place for us... but I'm not usually a wild west type of girl. I'm from the South and I live on NYC, so what is a designer /bride to do? Lets find out!

I will take y'all along with me as I try to plan this crazy New Mexico meets New York wedding.

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