Monday, September 21, 2009

entertained: the holidays are coming!

i was taking a break and watching some TV the other day while m was in the office working, when suddenly i shrieked! "OMG, OMG, what is today's date" to m?!?!?! "it's the first" he said, "what are you freaking out about?" i replied, "i just saw a Christmas commercial!!!" so yes folks, on the first of SEPTEMBER i was reminded that the holidays are right around the corner. now for anyone not in retail this is outrageously premature, but for those of us making and creating the wonderful things that mean so much to us during this holiday season, we are in full swing! when i was an merchandiser for Southern Homes & Gardens, my fabulous boss and i would already be covered in head to toe glitter, unpacking ornaments and fluffing trees and planning our amazing Christmas displays for all three stores. here is our work in progress at the Vaughn Rd store, notice the giant scary ladder in the back? that tree was a monster, but the end result was stunning.

so now i express myself creatively with my stationary and i am almost done with my contribution to the 2009 holiday season. here is a sneak peak!!!!

more to come, soon!!!!!
xo lea


  1. nice pears. do they come in purple?

  2. they do! any color you would like, actually. all my cards are custom :)
    xo Lea